World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls

Wheatfields Bakery: Omaha’s Best Cinnamon Rolls

Wheatfields Bakery is a renowned Omaha bakery that has won countless awards, Best of Omaha nominations, and is widely recognized as a strong supporter of Omaha non-profits and those in need.

But, does Wheatfields have the best cinnamon rolls in Omaha? We were on a mission to find out.

Wheatfields Eatery & Bakery in Omaha, Nebraska

It was created by Ron Popp, a seasoned baker, and master marketer. Wheatfields specialize in a variety of pastries, including their world-famous cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, orange rolls, stickie buns, muffins, rolls, and an extensive list of other pastries and dishes.

cinnamon rolls with pecans on top from wheatfields bakery in omaha ne

Ron started Wheatfield’s Bakery with the intention of creating a bakery that would serve the Omaha community with delicious, high-quality pastries. He accomplished this by using only the finest ingredients and taking great care in every step of the baking process. The result is a cinnamon roll that is light, fluffy, and packed with cinnamony flavor and certainly one of the best cinnamon rolls in Omaha.

Omaha’s Best Cinnamon Roll?

cinnamon roll with icing from wheatfields bakery in omaha nebraska

Ron and his team have planned out how to best market each product, including their famous cinnamon rolls. They’re fantastic marketers and storytellers when it comes to promoting their products. This attention to detail adds to the customer experience as a whole.

Wheatfield’s cinnamon rolls have been praised by both locals and tourists alike. If you’re ever in Omaha, be sure to stop by Wheatfields bakery and grab one of their world-famous cinnamon rolls.

Catering To Consumers

Ron and his team have worked hard to accommodate all types of consumers. In addition to indoor and outdoor seating, you can also find a wide selection of grab-n-go pastries at this location. We’re convinced they have the largest selection of grab-n-go pastries this side of the Mississippi!

Wheatfields is a popular choice for catering, too. Yes, you can order a pan of cinnamon rolls and a casserole for your next sales meeting.

gluten free cinnamon roll selection at wheatfields bakery

Ron has also gone out of his way to address the needs of customers with particular dietary restrictions. Even his famous cinnamon rolls are available gluten-free.

Wheatfields have one location in Omaha. Wheatfields bakery is located in the popular Regency neighborhood. Tucked away in the One Pacific Place shopping plaza, Wheatfields serves up freshly baked cinnamon rolls every day. And they do it extraordinarily well.

Stuff of Legends

The legendary Ron’s Big Cinnamon Roll is made with cinnamon rolls baked that morning, white icing, and enough mystery to leave you twitching in your seat. It’s served warm with a generous portion of frosting.

row of prepackaged homemade cinnamon rolls at wheatfields bakery in omaha nebraska

We inquired about the number of cinnamon rolls produced every week by one of the hostesses. She didn’t know, so she rushed off to inquire on Ron’s behalf. When she returned, she had a huge grin on her face and informed us, “We make over 5,000 cinnamon rolls each week. Depending on how many catering jobs we have at any one moment, we may bake more.”

Admittedly we were blown away by her answer. In addition to everything else Wheatfields bakes every single day, they still bake over 250,000 cinnamon rolls a year! Maybe this really was Omaha’s best cinnamon roll after all!

Cinnamon Roll Capital of America

The folks in Houston won’t want to hear this but our visit to Omaha was starting to make the case for the Omaha metro area, being the cinnamon roll capital of America.

wheatfields bakery sign outside their omaha location in one pacific place

You might recall that in 2018, Master’s Hand in nearby Tekamah, Nebraska won the title of World’s Best Cinnamon roll.

There have been over a dozen bakeries in Omaha nominated for World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls in recent years. Sweet Magnolias, Vidlaks Cafe, Farmhouse Cafe,’ Le Quartier, Baked After Dark, A Cater’d Affair, The Omaha Bakery, and Yummy Bunz are just a few of the bakeries with top-shelf cinnamon rolls and raving fan bases.

What’s Not to Love?

Back to Ron’s Big Cinnamon Roll. The best part? There’s no need to feel guilty about indulging in this treat, as Wheatfields uses only the finest ingredients. Is it low in calories and fat? Of course not, but we had little interest in such details! We were on a quest to determine which of Omaha’s cinnamon rolls is the best.

Grab-N-Go Cinnamon Rolls Await People On Their Way To Work in Omaha

Ron’s Big Cinnamon Roll is freshly baked, warm, and oozing with the perfect amount of delicious frosting. What’s not to love? Right?!

Does Wheatfield’s Eatery & Bakery have the best cinnamon roll in Omaha? That’s up to you to decide.

Wheatfields is located at: 

Wheatfields Bakery – Regency

One Pacific Place

120 Regency Pkwy, Omaha, NE 68114

(402) 391-5566

If you’re ever in Omaha and searching for cinnamon rolls near me, be sure to stop by Wheatfields and try one for yourself! Who knows, you may just decide that Wheatfields has the best cinnamon roll in Omaha.

And congratulations to Ron and Wheatfields Bakery on being nominated for the 2023 Best Cinnamon in The World contest. The nomination is well deserved!

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