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How to Find the Best Cinnamon Rolls

Did you know that cinnamon rolls first originated in the 18th century? Ever since then, this food has become a breakfast staple in the United States as well as other parts of the world. But when it comes to finding high-quality rolls, you might be wondering, “Where can I find the best cinnamon rolls near me?”

While there are many cinnamon roll vendors all over the place, many don’t provide the quality you’re looking for. Fortunately, finding a place that sells great rolls doesn’t have to be impossible, but you do need to know what to look for. Keep reading and learn more about what to consider when looking for the best cinnamon roll bakery in your area.

Check the Online Customer Reviews

In our modern age, it is a bad idea to buy anything without checking the online customer reviews first. Fortunately, almost every store and business has at least a handful of reviews for you to look through. This is especially true for places that sell food.

When searching for bakeries that sell the best cinnamon rolls in your area, don’t hesitate to go to the internet and compare the customer reviews of all the nearest bakeries. Customer reviews can tell you information about some of the food products that you might not be able to find on the bakery’s website. For example, you might find a bakery website with some delicious pictures of cinnamon rolls, different cinnamon roll flavors, and other pastries, but the bakery might not be as high-quality as it makes itself seem.

As soon as you go to the customer reviews, you might find that the bakery in question is actually overrun with negative reviews. Some reviews might complain that the bakery itself is dirty and run-down. Others might complain that the food was hard and dry while others might dislike the rudeness of the staff.

The Details

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Whatever the case, if you see a bakery with mostly negative reviews, it will be a good idea to avoid that place. After all, if the majority of the previous customers who went there had a bad experience, there’s no reason to think that you would be the exception. Instead, always opt for local bakeries with many positive reviews.

This can be difficult if you live in a place that doesn’t have many bakeries. Even so, you should eventually be able to find a few bakeries with good reviews. Be sure to read the good reviews in detail as you would with the bad reviews.

That way, you can be sure as to what exactly makes a certain bakery good or bad. For example, a bakery might serve delicious cinnamon rolls but they may be very overpriced or vice versa. On the other hand, the food may be mediocre but the staff may be very friendly.

You will have to balance out the pros and cons of each bakery before making a choice. That way, you can narrow down your choices as you continue your search for the best cinnamon roll in your area.

Look For High-quality Ingredients

A cinnamon roll from Master's Hand. The 2020 Winner of the World's Best Cinnamon Rolls!

While customer reviews can be very helpful for finding the best cinnamon rolls, they won’t tell you everything. The next step you need to take is to look for cinnamon rolls made with good ingredients. This can be harder than you might expect.

These days, many bakeries, especially chain bakeries, have taken to degrading the process of making cinnamon rolls. Instead of using fresh, whole ingredients, they often use a whole slew of preservatives and artificial flavors to enhance the taste of their cinnamon rolls. This is especially true when used for the frosting on the rolls.

They often use high fructose corn syrup which is one of the worst sweeteners you could possibly use since it is so unhealthy. The resulting cinnamon roll made with these ingredients may taste good at first but may then leave behind a chemical taste in your mouth. To avoid this, always double-check the ingredients used in a bakery’s cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls are very simple and should only include a certain number of ingredients. In particular, warm milk, yeast, and granulated sugar are the foundation of any good cinnamon roll. Beyond that, you will need bread flour, eggs, and butter.

To make the rolls sweet and to give them their characteristic brown swirl, you will need brown sugar, cinnamon, and salt. But what about the frosting? The frosting is also very simple.

What You Need to Know

You don’t need anything more than powdered sugar, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and butter. If you find a bakery that uses these ingredients, then the cinnamon rolls should turn out pretty good and quite tasty. On the other hand, if you find that a bakery uses a bunch of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce, the cinnamon rolls might not taste very good or even natural.

You should also keep in mind any food sensitivities you may have. For example, if you are lactose intolerant, you won’t be able to eat frosting made with cream cheese. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid cinnamon rolls entirely.

If you’re lucky, some bakeries in your area might offer vegan or lactose-free options for frosting. If not, you should still be able to enjoy a good cinnamon roll even if it doesn’t have any frosting on it. You should also be careful about any food allergies you may have.

For example, if you have a nut allergy, you will want to double check if any of the pastries, including the cinnamon rolls, have nuts in them or if they have been around nuts. If so, you might need to go to another bakery that is safer for your health.

Once you check out the ingredients, you will be able to narrow down your choices even further. Once you do that, the only thing left to do is to start tasting your various options.

Taste Testing Your Cinnamon Roll Options

While customer reviews and ingredients can tell you a lot about a cinnamon roll, they still can’t tell you what the rolls taste like until you take a bite for yourself. Once you have your options narrowed down to a few different bakeries, it will be in your best interest to get a cinnamon roll from each. That way, you can tell the difference between the taste and quality of the different rolls.

When tasting the cinnamon rolls, be sure that you don’t wolf them down as soon as you get them on your plate. The point is to find the best cinnamon roll. While your choices might all be very good, you won’t know which one is the best one unless you take your time and think about what you’re tasting.

Most people recommend chewing more than usual to really taste the true flavors of a piece of food. Most people only chew their food a few times without swallowing it. This will stunt the overall flavor of the food at hand.

Chew More

Try to chew your food about two dozen times. This may sound like a lot, but once you get into the habit of it, you will find that you will be able to taste your food better than ever before. You might think that you like a certain cinnamon roll, but once you chew it enough to really taste it, you might think that it actually tastes like cardboard.

When tasting different cinnamon rolls, think about the strength of the cinnamon flavor, the flavor of the frosting, and so on. Some rolls might have a stronger cinnamon flavor than others while others might be quite bland except for the frosting. To taste the cinnamon roll itself, try scraping off some of the frosting.

Some bakeries like to disguise a bland or mediocre cinnamon roll by covering it with sugary frosting. The sign of a good cinnamon roll is a roll that is good enough to eat even without any frosting and the frosting only acts as a bonus. After you try a few different cinnamon rolls with these techniques, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the best cinnamon rolls for your taste preferences.

All About Finding the Best Cinnamon Rolls Near Me

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find the best cinnamon rolls near me?” you don’t need to look far as long as you do your research. First, you should check the customer reviews for the bakeries in your area. Then, you should check the ingredients in the cinnamon rolls and then taste a few different rolls to find the best ones.

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