World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls

The Corner Cafe: Home to the 2023 World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls

Our quest for the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls Continues!

Since last year’s sweet victory, when we crowned Kanela Breakfast Club as the 2022 World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls, our cinnamon roll crusaders have embarked on a global odyssey.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the vibrant tapestry of flavors in Dubai, and from the enchanting corners of Toronto to the heartwarming kitchens of Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Key Largo, Los Angeles, New York City, Cleveland, and beyond, we’ve scoured the planet in search of cinnamon roll perfection.

With each step of our journey, we’ve been awed by the boundless creativity and unwavering passion that go into crafting these delightful, spiral-shaped masterpieces. Prepare to join us on this delectable adventure, as we unveil the latest chapter in our quest for the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls.

Every year cinnamon roll enthusiasts worldwide eagerly anticipate National Cinnamon Roll Day. This delightful occasion celebrates the beloved pastry that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. This year, we are thrilled to announce that The Corner Cafe in Kansas City has been crowned as the 2023 World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls. But before we savor the victory of the Corner Cafe, let’s embark on a journey to explore the finest cinnamon rolls across the United States and the criteria that make them truly exceptional.

Past Winners

Before we delve into the delicious details, let’s pay homage to the past winners who have graced the Work’s Best Cinnamon Roll Hall of Fame:

  • 2018 – Scratch in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2019 – Maialino in New York City
  • 2020 – Master’s Hand in Tekamah, Nebraska
  • 2021 – Mrs. Powell’s Bakery in Idaho Falls, Idaho
  • 2022 – Kanela Breakfast Club in Chicago, Illinois

Last year’s winner, Kanela Breakfast Club, wowed the world with their Glazed Kanela Roll, proving that Chicago knows its cinnamon rolls. However, this year, our spotlight is on a different contender.

The Corner Cafe – Kansas City: Our 2023 Winner

Corner Cafe in Kansas City, a family-owned gem since 1983, has earned the prestigious title of the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls for 2023. Founded by Ed and Kathi Rule, this humble 40-seat cafe began its journey with a menu featuring breakfast and lunch. Over the years, their “home cooking” menu expanded, but one thing remained constant: their legendary cinnamon rolls.

These cinnamon rolls are homemade wonders, where cinnamon and buttery goodness are expertly intertwined. They’re not just any cinnamon rolls; they’re colossal enough to make sharing an option rather than a necessity.

Now that we’ve unveiled our 2023 champion, let’s rewind and discover how the quest for the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls unfolds.

The Search for Perfection

How does one determine the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls? It’s a pursuit that takes us on a culinary adventure across the country and around the globe, seeking the perfect combination of cinnamon, sugar, and frosting. But what criteria guide our search, and how do we reach our verdict?

The Qualities of a Great Cinnamon Roll

A truly remarkable cinnamon roll possesses certain qualities that elevate it above the rest. When seeking the World’s Best Cinnamon Roll, we look for:

The Dough

The dough should be a delicate balance of sweetness and flavor. It should be yeasty, buttery, and perhaps even slightly tangy. After all, the foundation of any excellent cinnamon roll lies in its dough.

The Filling

The filling is where the magic happens. It should deliver a powerful punch of cinnamon, its richness complemented by a sticky blend of brown sugar and butter. This is the heart of the cinnamon roll’s flavor.

The Icing

Last but not least, the icing should be the crown jewel. It should be ooey-gooey, offering a luscious, not overly sweet, and never overwhelmingly almond-flavored experience.

The Quest Begins With our TOP Five Cinnamon Rolls

Our quest to find the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls takes us on a whirlwind journey through the most renowned restaurants and bakeries across the nation. After testing countless doughs, fillings, and icings, we have finally unveiled our winners, year after year.

We’ve scoured the planet in search of cinnamon roll perfection. Along the way, we’ve sampled and scrutinized hundreds of cinnamon rolls, each one a testament to the dedication and artistry of bakers worldwide. After rigorous testing and careful consideration, we’ve narrowed this year’s field to the final five contestants, each vying for the illustrious title of World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls. Prepare to join us on this delectable adventure, as we unveil the latest chapter in our quest for cinnamon roll excellence.

The Cinnamon Roll Odyssey

Now, let’s set our sights on the cinnamon rolls themselves. We’ll explore a diverse selection from various corners of the United States and beyond, celebrating the local excellence and distinctive breakfast offerings that make these cinnamon rolls a must-try for any food enthusiast.

Lodge Bread Co. – Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ Lodge Bread Co. takes a unique approach to cinnamon rolls by infusing them with the goodness of sourdough. These rolls are big, fluffy, and topped with a whipped citrus cream icing that adds an exciting twist to this classic treat.

Breads Bakery – New York City

Breads Bakery in New York City offers a surprising take on cinnamon rolls. Rather than the traditional fluffiness, their rolls feature a flaky, disc-shaped pastry with a delectable cinnamon sugar coating. These rolls are perfect for those who crave a crunchy, croissant-like texture.

Knaus Berry Farm – Miami

In Miami, Knaus Berry Farm has perfected the art of creating ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls. These decadent delights are best enjoyed hot from the oven and come in various quantities to cater to both individuals and groups.

Ann Sather – Chicago

Ann Sather Restaurant in Chicago has been serving Swedish-inspired recipes for over seven decades. Their cinnamon rolls, generously coated with vanilla cream glaze, have become legendary in the Windy City. These rolls offer a heartwarming touch of cinnamon even during Chicago’s coldest winters.

The Corner Cafe – Kansas City

And finally, our 2023 winner, The Corner Cafe in Kansas City, dazzles diners with cinnamon rolls that are as big as dinner plates. These colossal creations have become a local legend, offering an indulgent dessert for groups or a delightful meal for one.

menu bottom from The Corner Cafe about their world famous cinnamon rolls

A Sweet and Savory Adventure

As we conclude our cinnamon roll odyssey, we recognize that cinnamon rolls come in all shapes and sizes, each offering a unique flavor profile. Some are traditional, while others push the boundaries of what a cinnamon roll can be. No matter your preference, there’s a cinnamon roll out there waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

We encourage each of you to consider embarking on your own journey to discover the finest cinnamon rolls in your area. Whether you seek classic sweetness or innovative twists, the world of cinnamon rolls offers endless possibilities for culinary exploration.

Happy National Cinnamon Roll Day and congratulations to The Corner Cafe.

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