World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls

The FIVE Best Cinnamon Rolls Online

In the spirit of Anthony Bourdain, let’s embark on a flavorful adventure, exploring the best cinnamon rolls available online.

Ladies and gentlemen, cinnamon rolls. Those delightful swirls of sweetness that have transcended borders and cultures, bringing comfort and joy to all who dare to indulge. Today, we set forth on a journey to uncover the best cinnamon rolls available online, in the style of the great Anthony Bourdain. Buckle up, our fellow food enthusiasts, for this is a quest you won’t want to miss.

The Gingered Peach: Lawrence Twp, NJ

Cinnamon Buns - 6 Pack by The Gingered Peach

Our journey begins in Lawrence Township, New Jersey, at The Gingered Peach. Founded by the talented Joanne Canady-Brown in 2014, this quaint bakery is all about keeping it real. Joanne crafts her baked goods by hand, using only pure, unadulterated ingredients – no shortcuts, no compromises. It’s an ode to nostalgia, a commitment to old-fashioned goodness.

The cinnamon buns here are legendary – soft, gooey, and sold out daily. One bite, and you’re transported to the days of childhood bliss. The Gingered Peach is not just a bakery; it’s a time machine to your fondest memories.

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Image Credit: The Gingered Peach

Weikel’s Bakery: La Grange, TX

Cinnamon Rolls by Weikel's Bakery

Our quest then takes us to La Grange, Texas, where Weikel’s Bakery has been making waves since 1985. Founded by Jim Weikel and his wife Jo Ann, this bakery is steeped in family traditions and authentic Czech recipes.

Their cinnamon rolls, born from soft and sweet Czech dough, are a gooey delight covered in almond and vanilla icing. It’s a taste of Texas with a European twist. The Weikel family’s dedication to preserving their Czech heritage through these authentic recipes is nothing short of remarkable.

Image Credit: Weikel’s Bakery

Knaus Berry Farm: Homestead, FL

Cinnamon Rolls - 2 Dozen by Knaus Berry Farm - Alternate image 8

Now, let’s venture to Homestead, Florida, where Knaus Berry Farm has been drawing crowds since 1956. Founded by the Knaus brothers, this farm is a testament to the power of cinnamon rolls. While they may have started selling strawberries, it’s the cinnamon rolls that have stolen the show.

These rolls, baked to perfection, melt in your mouth and boast a natural glaze of cinnamon and sugar that’s pure perfection. Miamians have been known to wait in line for hours just to savor these legendary treats. Knaus Berry Farm has truly etched its name in Florida’s culinary history.

Miller’s Bakery: Lancaster County, PA

Cinnamon Rolls - 12 Pack by Miller's Bakery

Our journey now leads us to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where Miller’s Bakery has been a household name since 1929. Anna Miller’s humble beginnings of serving pies to truckers turned into a bakery empire known for its Amish Country classics.

Miller’s cinnamon rolls are a customer favorite, baked to perfection with a chewy, gooey texture that defines comfort. Spread with their house-made cream cheese icing, these rolls are an all-day treat that beckons with every bite. It’s Pennsylvania Dutch goodness at its finest.

Flour Bakery + Cafe: Boston, MA

Brown Butter Cinnamon Rolls Kit (Ready to Bake) - 8 Pack by Flour Bakery + CafeOur final destination is Boston, Massachusetts, where Flour Bakery + Cafe, created by the legendary Joanne Chang, reigns supreme. Joanne’s journey from mathematics to pastry chef extraordinaire is a tale of passion and dedication.

Her cinnamon rolls, among a plethora of other baked goods, have garnered a loyal following. These rolls, slathered in sweet cream cheese glaze, are the stuff of dreams. Joanne’s accolades, including a James Beard Award, are a testament to her culinary prowess. Flour Bakery + Cafe is a mecca for cinnamon roll enthusiasts.

Image Credit: Flour Bakery + Cafe

Mastering The Craft

In the world of cinnamon rolls, each of these establishments shines in its unique way. From The Gingered Peach’s dedication to nostalgia to Weikel’s Bakery’s authentic Czech flavors, Knaus Berry Farm’s iconic status in Florida, Miller’s Bakery’s Amish Country delights, to Flour Bakery + Cafe’s legendary creations – each one has earned its place in the annals of cinnamon roll greatness.

So, dear readers, the next time you find yourself yearning for the comforting embrace of a cinnamon roll, fear not. The world’s best cinnamon rolls are just a click away. It’s a journey worth taking, one swirl of sweetness at a time.

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