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Best Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago

Whether you’re searching for Best Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago or happen to be in Chicago searching for cinnamon rolls near me, we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled our list of the Best Cinnamon Rolls Chicago has to offer!

According to Notch Ordering, with over 21,000 restaurants spread all over the city of Chicago, the city generates approximately $16 billion annually from such business franchises. It is also good to say that Chicago residents love their cinnamon rolls. So, looking for the best cinnamon roles in Chicago may be quite tasking because the city is home to the country’s finest cinnamon roll makers.

And for the fact that Chicago is home to nearly 3 million people according to the 2020 census, the competition is massive. After profound research, we’ve made things easy for you, so here are the top 5 best cinnamon rolls stores in Chicago.

Kanela Breakfast Club

cinnamon roll on a plate next to a kanela breakfast club menu in chicago

It should be noted that Kanela Breakfast Club is the 2022 reigning champion of the World’s Best Cinnamon Roll! This Wicker Park spot is known for its light, airy pastries – perfect for summer days. The cinnamon rolls here are no exception. They’re made with a brioche dough that’s been rolled thin and filled with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar.

Keep reading to find out who else landed on our list of the best cinnamon rolls in Chicago!

Top 5 Best Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago

  1. Kanela Breakfast Club
  2. Ann Sather Restaurant & Catering
  3. Wildberry Pancakes
  4. Cinnaholic
  5. Sugar Moon Bakery

As the restaurants differ, so are their services and methods. Let’s get into more detail on our top restaurants for cinnamon rolls in Chicago.

2. Ann Sather Restaurant & Catering

cinnamon rolls at Ann Sather Restaurant & Catering

Enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls at Ann Sather Restaurant & Catering, a neighborhood food store strategically located in Belmont, Chicago’s western part. Aside from making the best traditional cinnamon roll, they also have an exceptional collection of delicious Steak & Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon Benedict, Southern Decadence, and Denver Omelet, categorized into breakfast launch, Entrees, specials, etc. This restaurant’s ability to deliver freshly made tasty foods in Quicktime to its customers makes it stand out. Their traditional methods have made them a top cinnamon roll restaurant in Chicago.

3. Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe

Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe

Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe is one of Chicago’s top cinnamon roll restaurants, and they provide their customers with a long menu that keeps people coming back for more.

So, Wildberry Menu has got you covered no matter what cinnamon roll variation or breakfast food you may like; Wildberry Menu has got you covered. From Belgium Waffles, Wild Pan Grapes, Paninis and Wraps, French Toast, and cinnamon rolls which come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.

Although we featured their world-famous cinnamon roll pancakes & french toast, everything we tried was delicious. Wildberry is a must-stop for anyone searching for cinnamon roll near me in the Chicago area. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

4. Cinnaholic

mix of cinnamon rolls in a box from cinnaholic in chicago

Not just in Chicago, Cinnaholic has been putting smiles on its customers’ faces across the United States. We don’t often feature franchises but Cinnaholic are probably the most creative cinnamon roll makers in the country.

Some of their unique arrays include Jerry Roll cinnamon rolls, Monkey Business cinnamon Roll, Plain Roll, Raspberry Dream Roll, Blueberry Pie Roll, and Tropical Bliss Roll; the list is endless. Its customer service is top-notch, and alongside its mouth-watering cinnamon roles, a feature on this list is well deserved

Cinnaholic was recently featured as one of the best Cinnamon Rolls in Houston, too!

5. Sugar Moon Bakery

young brunette woman cutting cinnamon roll dough at sugar moon bakery in chicago

Photo Credit: Mina Bloom/Block Club Chicago

Just as the name states, the Sugar Moon Bakery has the power to send you to the moon with just a bite of their cinnamon rolls.  It is the perfect location for breakfast food in Chicago.

Plus they’re quite creative with their toppings and frostings. You can start from their traditional methods that usually come with chocolate toppings, or you can go vegan with their vegetable-induced cinnamon rolls that come in different types and shapes. Their mouthwatering foods and excellent customer service earn them their 5-star rating.

The Overall Best Place to Get Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago

Kanela Breakfast Club holds the title for the World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls. But, Chicago has endless choices for out-of-this-world cinnamon rolls. Ultimately, you’re the judge. All cinnamon rolls are slightly different. No two cinnamon rolls are the same and you can’t go wrong with any of the bakeries listed on our TOP 5 Cinnamon Rolls in Chicago. If you were to ask our team who was the sweetest surprise? Hands down it was Sugar Moon Bakery. There’s just so much to love about the owner and this sweet little bakery in Chicago.

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