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Where to Find the Best Cinnamon Rolls in Houston

Are you taking a trip to Houston soon to try all of the great food? If so, we put this list together to help you learn where to find the best cinnamon rolls in the city here.

The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Houston can be found at these bakeries:

  • Homebunz
  • Sinful Bakery
  • Cinnaholic
  • Koala Kolache
  • Bonnie’s Donuts

People love cinnamon rolls so much that there’s now a cinnamon roll day where you’re encouraged to take some time to enjoy the beloved treat.

At World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls, we take our love for cinnamon rolls very seriously! We’re based in San Francisco, but we’re always on the hunt for cinnamon rolls across the country. We’re determined to find and try the most delicious recipes.

In recent months, we’ve had an influx of questions about where to find the best cinnamon rolls in Houston. So, we packed our bags and headed to Houston to find the best cinnamon rolls.

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page, though.

Cinnamon rolls, not to be mistaken for sticky buns, are all spiral-shaped and made with cinnamon and butter, but that’s where the similarities end. After all, not all cinnamon rolls are made equal!

Houston is known for its incredible food scene. People travel from all over the world to get a taste of some of the best food in Texas. If you’re traveling to Houston soon, make sure to add cinnamon rolls to your list of food to try.

Read on to find the best bakeries with cinnamon rolls in Houston. Our trip didn’t disappoint.


The Orange Cinnamon Roll at Homebunz

(Photo Courtesy of Homebunz) 

If you’re looking for the freshest cinnamon rolls in Houston, Texas you’ll certainly want to place an order with Homebunz!

This business has been making fluffy, homemade cinnamon rolls in original and unique flavors since it opened in 2017. The owner, Rebecca Saunders, created the business after realizing she had a passion for surprising friends and family with her baked goods.

Their original, traditional cinnamon bun features just the right amount of delicious icing over the buttery, soft roll of dough.

If you’re looking to try new variations of the sweet treat, their menu also features many other flavors and pairings to choose from.

For a mix of sweet citrus and cream, try their Orange (pictured above) or Lemon Drop flavors. Those who love a crunchy treat will want to try the Hombunz Gone Nuts, which comes with your choice of walnuts, almonds, or pecans.

Kids and adults alike will love flavors like Birthday Cake, Cookies and Cream, and S’mores. Other notable flavors that are bound to satisfy anyone’s taste buds are Red Velvet, Toffee Jolt, and Caramelized Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

If you’re convinced, you must try Homebunz. Find their business Facebook page to locate their order information.

Sinful Bakery

Peaches & Cream Cinnamon Roll

(Photo Courtesy of Sinful Bakery)

There’s nothing sinful about the delicious treats you’ll find at this bakery, except for the obscene amount of flavor!

This bakery makes vegan pastries in Houston, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it doesn’t produce some of the most mouth-watering treats in the state. So much so that customers often ask if what they’re eating really is vegan.

All pastries are made from scratch and with all-natural, mostly organic ingredients. This bakery has a wide menu of delicious things to try, but their cinnamon rolls are especially impressive.

These rolls come in jumbo size, which means you’ll likely get to save more for later! They are made in-house and even come in a convenient plastic box so you can easily carry them on the go.

Sinful bakery knows how to make a good thing last because they also offer a Cinnamon Roll Latte on their menu. This latte is infused with cinnamon and their cinnamon roll icing, so it’s perfect for those who love that homemade icing flavor.


The Baker's Box at Cinnaholic in Houston

(Photo Courtesy of Cinnaholic)

We were blown away by the Cinnamon Rolls options at Cinnaholic. If the name sounds familiar, they were recently on The Shark Tank.

So, what is Cinnaholic? Think Crumbl for Cookies..but for Cinnamon Rolls.

Again, we were BLOWN AWAY!

This is a bakery for those who love their cinnamon rolls bold, brave, and out of the ordinary. Most rolls come topped with icing and other treats like berries, sauce, or pie crumbles.

This bakery also bakes other kinds of treats, but their menu is mostly cinnamon rolls, and you can choose between seasonal and signature rolls.

Signature rolls range from the traditional “Old Skool Roll” to flavors like the Cookie Monster Roll, which comes topped with homemade cookie dough, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce.

The Blueberry Pie Roll features homemade pie crumble and fresh blueberries, while the Raspberry Dream Roll comes with chocolate frosting, fresh raspberries, and almonds.

You can also build your cinnamon roll! Choose your own frosting and toppings to create your idea of the perfect roll. Our suggestion? Go with the Baker’s Box! Trust us, Houston. You won’t be disappointed!

And if you’re traveling to Houston in the near future, put Cinnaholic at the top of your list! It’s fun for the whole family.

Koala Kolache

The Nutella Cinnamon Roll at Koala Kolache

(Photo Courtesy of Koala Kolache)

Don’t let the name distract you. Koala Kolache makes incredible cinnamon rolls. Yes, they make Kolaches but this article is all about their incredible cinnamon rolls.

It’s nice to have different variations of cinnamon rolls to choose from, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the traditional taste you know and love.

If you’re a purist when it comes to cinnamon rolls, or you just crave the beloved original version, try the roll at Koala Kolache.

While Kolaches take the center stage at this bakery, their fluffy cinnamon rolls are not to be missed. Our cinnamon roll loving team loved the original cinnamon roll but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try their Nutella Cinnamon Roll.

Their Nutella cinnamon roll is filled with loaded Nutella, and cinnamon sugar, topped with their famous butter cream cheese frosting.

These spiraled beauties will take up a whole plate and feature plenty of spirals to hold the rich, buttery cinnamon flavors. You’ll love the generous portion of icing that melts over the top of the fresh, warm bun.

Bonnie’s Donuts

The 10lb Cinnamon Roll at Bonnie's Donuts

(Photo Courtesy of Bonnie’s Donuts)

Grab a cinnamon roll you can share with all your friends and family at Bonnie’s Donuts. This local & independent bakery is known for its huge portions and offers both a 5 and 10-pound cinnamon roll. Perfect for family gatherings and team meetings!

These Houston cinnamon rolls prove everything really is bigger in Texas! If you’re looking to try these delectable giants, make sure to let the bakery know ahead as they are only available by pre-order.

Nothing beats sharing a sweet treat with all your loved ones and still having leftovers the next day!

Find the Best Cinnamon Rolls in the U.S.

Homebunz, Sinful Bakery, Koala Kolache, and Bonnie’s Donuts are now entered into the 2023 Best Cinnamon Rolls in the World Contest!

Now you know some of the bakeries to try when you’re looking for the best cinnamon rolls in Houston. No matter which places you decide to try, you’re bound to find something you love when you’re looking in Houston.

At World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls, it’s our passion to find and taste the best cinnamon rolls all across the country so we can crown them the best of the year. See our previous winners, including 2022’s winner, to start tasting the best cinnamon rolls in the U.S. today.

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