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Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver

Are you searching for the Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver or cinnamon rolls near me while traveling through Denver? If so, we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we will review the TOP 3 Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver!

Whether you live in the Denver area or just passing through, this city of over 2 million has a lot to offer even the most refined cinnamon roll palette.

Our TOP 3 Picks for the Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver are all very different.

Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver:

  • The Duffeyroll Cafe
  • Baked N’ Denver
  • Butcher Block Cafe

Like in every city in the United States, the food quality of the average population consumes depends on the type of restaurants in the city. The ones you find here in Denver are just excellent, especially when it comes to Cinnamon Rolls!

They have enough expertise and creativity to create the perfect blend of dough, cinnamon, and of course frosting!

We have compiled a list of the best cinnamon rolls in Denver.

1. The Duffeyroll Cafe

The Duffeyroll is well-known throughout the world. It has been the topic of water cooler talk and countless write-ups in food magazines. There was nervous energy before trying our first Duffeyroll.

With three locations throughout the Denver area, The Duffeyroll Cafe is well known for its cinnamon rolls.

The Duffeyroll has an extensive cinnamon roll menu with a taste that will leave you returning for more.

cinnamon rolls packages by 4s

A Duffeyroll cinnamon roll is light-textured, almost like a croissant. It’s a little crisp on the outside, and veined with just enough, but not too much, cinnamon and sugar. What’s not to love about artisan cinnamons in countless flavors!

The Duffeyroll isn’t what you remember from your childhood, though. This isn’t your typical American frisbee-sized cinnamon roll slathered with buttercream frosting. The Duffeyroll is reminiscent of the original Swedish cinnamon roll, the Fika.

We’re just glad we had the opportunity to test out Duffeyroll prior to National Cinnamon Roll Day! Trust us, we’ll be shipping Duffeyrolls to World’s Best Cinnamon Roll fans all over America!

Duffeyroll Flavor Options

  • Original Cinnamon Roll
  • Zesty Orange Cinnamon Roll
  • Irish Cream Cinnamon Roll
  • Mountain Maple Cinnamon Roll
  • English Toffee Cinnamon Roll
  • Pecanilla Crunch Cinnamon Roll

Unlike many of the cinnamon roll bakeries we’ve reviewed throughout the country, Duffeyroll ships nationwide. So, you no longer have to search for cinnamon rolls near me when in the Denver area. You can ship Duffeyrolls anywhere in the United States.

duffey rolls boxes

Their products come in quick delivery packs, which are called the Box of Cinnamon Duffeyrolls and Box of Mini Cinnamon Duffeyrolls.

But don’t get confused with the ‘Duffeyroll’ title; it is still the same fresh, well-baked, packaged cinnamon rolls, ready to be delivered.

You can order these legendary cinnamon rolls one sweet dozen at a time!  Duffey’s cinnamon rolls are the perfect way to enjoy a Colorado taste adventure…anytime…anywhere.

2. Baked N’ Denver

With over 25 years of making breakfast for the Denver neighborhood, Baked N’ Denver has expanded its operations into other food ventures like ice creams. They have also added to the list of their snack menus, adding newer breeds of doughnuts, sandwiches (that are now tastier), bolder coffees, and cinnamon rolls to their menus. This restaurant has so many cinnamon rolls that you wonder if they are producing them all alone. Well, they don’t. They had to partner up with Ez Carter, a restaurant known to have over 99,000 stores in different parts of the United States. Plus, Baked N’ Denver has menus that suit vegans. (We didn’t try any vegan cinnamon rolls while we were there.)

Image Credit: Baked N’ Denver

baked in denver cup and cinnamon roll

3. Butcher Block Cafe

It’s always a good sign when they advertise homemade cinnamon rolls on the side of their building. And these are old-school cinnamon rolls. Nothing fancy. Just a fastball down the middle. The Butcher Block Cafe advertises cinnamon rolls as their specialty…and for good reason. They are delicious.

cinnamon roll with butter on top

Image Credit: Butcher Block Cafe

This cafe serves excellent cinnamon rolls, and if you live on Washington Street in Denver, you are lucky to call Butcher Block Cafe your neighbor.

This cafe has been around for some time and is part of Denver’s history. They have maintained the historical American cinnamon roll-making process.

For them, nothing has changed, just the machines used in the mixture. Although with minimal space for dining, the restaurant doesn’t compromise on its quality, despite its old-school techniques.

Finding the Best Cinnamon Rolls in Denver

Whether you’re visiting Denver or are a resident, the list above will save you from wasting money on lousy cinnamon rolls. With that said, you’ll want to try Duffeyroll, Baked N Denver, and Butcher Block Cafe.

Each of these businesses will be entered into our 2023 World’s Best Cinnamon Roll Contest.

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